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Becca Williams: Why Cannabis Works as a Spiritual Plant [Meditating with Cannabis]

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Becca Williams is the founder of Cannanaut, @Canna_naut. She curates and guides Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies and individualized focused sessions to support people in awakening experiences that enrich and heal their lives.

She’s been a group facilitator, speaker and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades.

She’s trained as a clinical nutritionist and is a long-time cannabis advocate, experientially working with the plant to advance states of higher consciousness and emotional well being.

Check out our Q&A below, where Becca explains why cannabis works as a spiritual plant, how cannabis can help in your spiritual path, what is a cannanaut, what happens in an elevation ceremony and how you can safely meditate with cannabis.


Ganjly: Could you tell us your story of how you discovered the revolutionary Emotional Liberation approach?

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Becca Williams: I can’t take credit for “discovering” it. I was introduced to my teacher’s extraordinary body of work, called Emotional Liberation in my search for an answer to quelling troubling emotions (starting with my own) – anxiety, self-doubt, despair among them.

When I began adding cannabis plant medicine to this equation, the combination was even more potent.  

Emotional Liberation emerges from the very active discipline of Kundalini from ancient India.

I refer to it as industrial strength meditation and credit it, with the support of cannabis plant medicine, for liberating me from difficult emotions and bringing me to a place of calm, centered clarity, which is how I now navigate my life.

When I emerged from being a slave to my turbulent emotions about three years ago, I dropped my work as a TV producer to dedicate my life to guiding people in this approach so they too could free themselves from crippling emotions.

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Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of my teacher (there are other ways to find out though), who is a Kundalini master because he does not want to be associated with my mix of kundalini and cannabis as his teachings in this ancient lineage expressly forbid the use of substances.

For my part, while learning these practices, I added the cannabis, finding that when approached with great respect, care and awareness, the plant medicine fast-tracked my and others’ emotional healing.

Even as I guide and teach others, I continue to study with my teacher whose work spans 40-years.


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Ganjly: Can you explain to our readers the reasons why cannabis works as a spirit plant? Can cannabis really help you on your spiritual path?

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Becca Williams: Those are two important questions and I’ll answer the last one first. I don’t speak in terms of a “spiritual path” as, frankly that term has become meaningless because “spiritual path” carries countless connotations.

Some imagine communing with the Divine while others simply roll their eyes and consider talk of a “spiritual path” as a big turn-off given the “religious baggage” they carry from their childhoods.

You can count me among the latter.

So let’s wash our hands of the term “spiritual path”. As far as I can see, at least in our society, we’re hardly looking for a “spiritual path”.  

As I say on my website, “We’re confused, it’s not about enlightenment or spiritual awakening. It’s about learning to handle and process your difficult emotions. Enlightenment can come later.”  

What I see are people who are living their lives in a state of stress to varying degrees.

Stress is essentially a knot of emotions that is making your life hard to live – most commonly we know stress as anxiety and self-doubt.

But other emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, guilt, loneliness and shame can all contribute to stress levels.

So on to the second question, why Cannabis works as a “spirit plant”. This is where we take the deep dive on exactly what Emotional Liberation (EL) does.

My teacher has discovered emotions as the “missing link” to healing from light to heavy trauma.

How do you do that? You learn to sensitively listen to those roiling emotions because they will tell you what to heal and how to heal the underlying causes of why the emotions are knocking so loudly in your head.

This work, learning the language of emotions, helps you create a relationship with your intuition what we often call a gut instinct … and by any other name is a portal to your Higher Self, your Soul.

Cannabis as a Spirit Plant is a gentle boundary dissolving Spirit medicine thinning the boundary between the conscious and unconscious.

It strengthens your connection with your deeply resourced self and heightens the ability to access the wisdom that comes from going inward, listening and asking for guidance.

Essentially, I teach the language of emotions.


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Ganjly: Tell us more about your Elevation Ceremonies.

Becca Williams: I guide a secularized, Westernized form of Kundalini, which we grace in ceremony.

We are desperately in need of ceremony in our lives. Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples have known and practiced ceremony for thousands of years.

The absence of ceremony in life has left us with a profound yearning for connectedness to self and others.

In my Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies we leverage the energy of the group with the exploration of our Higher Self, and in doing so, a  potent alchemy of healing energy emerges.


Ganjly: How has your services helped your clients? Can you share to us some stories?

Becca Williams: Without going in to detail, I’d invite a reader to my website to read what my participants are saying themselves. Link:


Ganjly: What is a Cannanaut?

Becca Williams: In my ceremony invitations, I say “all edge walkers are welcome.” It’s a reference to those ready and willing to do deep self-exploration.

I playfully call those of us pursuing these journeys cannanauts (a la psychonauts or astronauts).

In fact, it’s what I named my work: Cannanaut: Exploring the deep inner reaches of consciousness with the support of cannabis.  

Those who are drawn to my Elevation Ceremonies usually feel some kind of expansion coming.

Participants often arrive knowing they want more but they may not be clear about what they’re seeking.

That’s perfect because my ceremonies create a nurturing and welcoming space for accessing a depth of self-exploration that you can achieve in your first experience.  

My fondest desire is for people to learn these approaches themselves so they can cultivate an emotional resilience when something out of left field throws them into upset.

They can do the practices in the privacy of their home and then join us for ceremonies live and online to collectively commune with like-minded others.


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Ganjly: Can you give us some advice or tips on how to do meditation correctly in our home paired with cannabis?

Becca Williams: Doing meditation “correctly” is relative.

There are countless meditation approaches from a silent “watching your thoughts float by” to repeatedly chanting a personal mantra to the very activating Kundalini.

I find my specific focus emerging from Kundalini yields the most profound results in the shortest amount of time.

Regardless of the meditation you pair cannabis with I believe to optimally leverage this plant medicine’s healing energy, an individual needs a framework in which the cannabis is invited to do her work.


Thank you Becca, for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences! You can learn more about Becca Williams and Cannanaut at


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