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Ganjly 2020 Media Kit

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As the leading Cannabis and Hemp Digital Publication, Ganjly offers a highly targeted and effective advertising opportunity at incredibly affordable rates.


Since its inception, Ganjly has grown faster than any other online news site in original content, daily, weekly, and monthly pageviews (300,000/month), ‘unique IP’ visitors and even time spent on Ganjly.com by each and every visitor that comes to explore the thousands of original articles, reviews, commentary, and videos we offer.

We have also enjoyed a higher advertising retention rate than any other publication on the net. Why? Because advertising in Ganjly gets results.

Our readership continues to grow every month as more and more people turn to hemp and cannabis and as the intelligent alternative to tobacco consumption, and by the terrific word-of-mouth from our readers and viewers, by our social media presence, and because we offer the best original content.

When you secure your spot in Ganjly, it is visible on 99.99% of our posts and pages. That means that no matter where our readers go your ad will be seen.

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California, USA

Email: [email protected]

Ganjly reaches hundreds of thousands of engaged cannabis audiences each month through our website, social media, and interviews. To inquire about advertising, email us at [email protected]

Scott Briones
Scott was born in San Rafael, CA, home to the high school were "420" was popularized. He has been writing for more than 5 years about the cannabis industry. He loves to race his car and has just fulfilled his dream of racing at the Nurburgring in Germany

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