Tuesday, April 13, 2021

1906 High Love Review: Lush Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

1906,@1906NewHighs, works diligently on creating new flavor sensations in the Cannabis edibles industry.

Given that we’ve worked with them in the past, we had high expectations, and we were not disappointed. 

1906 has truly taken their craft a few steps further with this latest addition to their High Love line, called Go Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. 

Given our past experience with 1906, we were definitely excited to experiment with this latest creation. 

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Our Experience


Upon opening the container, I immediately noticed the aroma of these brilliantly crafted chocolates.

An alluring combination of chocolate and coffee, the taste alone will make you want to eat them all – but take care to pace yourself.

Great flavors blended with a crazy body high make these a real treat.

The mental effect was unique, not as intense as the body high, but clearly carefully tuned to provide a complete and enjoyable overall experience.

With the botanical ingredients and careful infusion technique used, I could immediately tell this was another winner. 

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Our Take

High Love Go Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans make for an enjoyable gift for yourself or for someone else.

1906 has impressed us again with their skills as a chocolatier and created an excellent confection as well as an experience.

These would make a great experience to share with a significant other or close friends.

Moreover, these chocolates would be excellent with addressing minor discomforts, pain, or just a day sitting on the couch watching TV or movies.

The mixture of flavor and cannabis impact makes High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans a winning combination, tasty enough that it’s difficult to put them down.

Go to 1906newhighs.com for more information. 

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Scott Briones
Scott was born in San Rafael, CA, home to the high school were "420" was popularized. He has been writing for more than 5 years about the cannabis industry. He loves to race his car and has just fulfilled his dream of racing at the Nurburgring in Germany

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