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Get Rid of CBD Vape Cartridge Problems Once and for All

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There’s rarely something as frustrating as a CBD vape cartridge that doesn’t function properly. You find your ideal vaping device and sit back to enjoy your CBD, only for the cartridge to start acting up and ruin the entire experience.

If you’re tired of such problems, view this page to find a high-quality CBD vape cartridge to replace the old one. But before you do, check out the following fixes that may be just what you need to breathe new life into your current cartridge.

1.    Unclog the Holes in the Cartridge

Every vape cartridge has tiny holes on the bottom. These allow for the oil to flow into the heating part of the vaping device. If you don’t regularly clean the device, those holes can get clogged, and the cartridge can stop working.

You can unclog them with a safety pin or anything similar that wouldn’t damage any of the parts.

2.    Warm Up the Oil

If you store your cartridge in cold temperatures, the oil can easily harden and become thick.

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To solve this problem, you simply need to warm up the CBD oil. You can safely do that with a hairdryer. Hold the cartridge in an upright position and blow into it for about half a minute, making sure you keep the hairdryer about 6 inches away.

3.    Store the Cartridge with the Mouthpiece Upright

Unless you store it this way, air bubbles can form in the cartridge, causing it to act up and negatively affect your vaping experience.

So, always keep it upright – with the mouthpiece facing up.

4.    Make Sure There Is Sufficient Airflow

When air bubbles form, they can prevent the necessary air from passing through. That can reduce the amount of vapor you get during your cannavaping.

But how you store your device isn’t the only factor that may lead to the forming of air bubbles. How the battery and cartridge are connected also plays a role.

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Make sure there’s tight contact between the two. If you’ve just replaced the cartridge, or you’ve done it multiple times already, the two parts may not be connected properly.

If that’s the problem, gently unscrew just the top of the cartridge – enough for the excess air to go out. Screw it back in, and the issue should be gone.

5.    Don’t Screw the Cartridge to the Battery Too Tight

Just like these two pieces can be poorly connected, they may also be screwed too tightly together.

When this happens, the heating element may not have the necessary contact with the battery.

So, make sure you don’t screw your CBD vape cartridge to the battery too tight.

6.    Keep the Battery Charged

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This may be a no-brainer, but it’s a common problem with newbies. Many of them often think that an issue with their cartridge is the reason for a frequent lack of vapor.

This is more common with pull-to-draw vaping devices. You can’t turn their battery off, which is why they can drain fairly quickly.

If you use such a device, don’t instantly assume that there’s something off with the cartridge. Also, make sure you use a 650 mAh battery to heat up the viscous CBD oil properly.

If the cartridge isn’t “pulling” as it should, you can also lower the battery power, if applicable.

7.    Set a Lower Temperature to Avoid a Charred Flavor

If you taste a burnt flavor while vaping CBD oil, a lower temperature setting should solve the problem.

It’s pretty obvious, really. When you set the temperature too high, your vaping device uses more power to heat up the oil. As a result, you get more vapor, but you also lose a lot of flavor in the process. Go overboard with the heat, and you’ll get a burnt taste in your mouth that’s anything but pleasant.

You may also experience this problem if you don’t regularly clean your vaping device. Any residue that remains would get heated up continuously, thus negatively affecting the flavor.

8.    Inspect the Cartridge for Potential Leaks

Several reasons can cause vape cartridge leaks. The O-rings may be damaged, so check them to see if they may be negatively affecting the air seal.

Another reason may be a tank that’s too full. If you overfill it, you’re bound to deal with a leak.

Yet another reason may be a crack in the cartridge. You could try taping it over to keep your CBD oil inside, but that should be a temporary fix until you find an adequate new cartridge. Luckily, they’re not expensive, and replacement is a long-term solution.

Did you solve your CBD vape cartridge problem with any of these quick fixes? Are you perhaps experiencing another issue that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know, and we’ll gladly offer a helping hand!

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