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INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Cannabis

The majority of the US population have probably seen the light and have now told themselves, “yeah, it’s high time to legalize #cannabis.

In a recent poll, Gallup has reported that up to 60% of the US population is now affirming that marijuana should be legalized.

It can also be shown in a legislative and democratic pattern whereby more and more states are following Colorado’s lead.

Even though a few states including California, Oregon, Alaska and yes Colorado, have legalized recreational marijuana for those over 21, more and more jurisdictions are now pressuring their legislative bodies.

Still, even if the majority are for marijuana, we can’t disregard the opposition. Their ideological view of cannabis was, for a time, stronger in making the plant illegal and it could still be given the fact that many people still have a certain level of doubt to the substance.

Well, we can factor misinformation about cannabis, which likely produces the group that continually opposes the legalization of marijuana.


And there is also the entheogenic factor in which most Christian religions believe that certain forms of meditation that would open the consciousness to higher selves and to attain nirvana, is deemed evil.

Another ridiculous misinformation is that doing meditation could make a person see evil or Satan. Even though the number of people opposing cannabis is getting less, it is still always important to remember the cannabis benefits of the herbal plant.

Despite the advancing technology contributing to the growth of civilization, it can be quite amazing how much misinformation can be spread about marijuana.

INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Cannabis
image credit: greencultured.co

As shown in the infographic above, we can say that marijuana brings certain benefits to people more than what the science says or even what the government is trying to deliver.

Here are some plus pointers which we believe can help you guide in the event you want to talk about marijuana to your family and friends.

At least, they won’t see you as some kind of addict.

1. Marijuana relieves depression and brings relaxation.

It is surprising that when people have depression, they go to psychiatrists and they wait for these professionals to prescribe them with drugs that can also be addictive. Add to that fact, these drugs that are supposed to help with depression can also have side effects.

From that idea or story alone, we can infer in two factors: the government wants to make people who are depressed to die slowly from the side effects and the government also profits from the big pharmas that manufacture those anti-depressant drugs.

If they have become caring and knowledgeable enough, they should go with marijuana as medicine to treat depression.

In a study, conducted by the fellows and researchers at the University of Buffalo, it has been shown that cannabis can be an effective tool against symptoms of depression.

The healthcare department may have been doing some things that would not really help the people yet if they continue to classify the drug as a Substance I drug still subject to banning.

2. It’s Safer than Drugs and Alcohol

How can some a drug that can make you crazy and even make you killed get the legal status compared to a drug that can calm you?

This is in the case of booze. In advertisements, they always remind you to drink moderately or a be smart drinker.

But people always have ways to overdo and abuse the intake of things, especially when they are depressed or when they want to have a good time.

Booze and depression are not good mixes, for example, the reports of the number of riots that have happened and that would happen when people drink. They are depressed and they channel their depression by getting angry.

And let’s not forget the number of people who died because of drunk driving. Records show that there are a staggering 88,000 deaths each year because of alcohol.

Let’s also mention cigarettes here which are the primary factors for lung cancer deaths. Even second-hand smoke can make a person critical for contracting terminal cancer.

That should be enough to make people see that those substances being made legal are far riskier than cannabis.

If the plant is proven to help in treating cancer, then cannabis has a wide gap vertically compared to cigarettes.

If cannabis makes you combat depression, makes you feel good and calm at the same time, then we can’t have more people getting mad on the streets after being intoxicated.

Why marijuana should be legal and why its use should be promoted, you can say: because it’ll save lives.

3. It Relieves Conditions that Cripple People’s Lives

Marijuana can be used to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis and even autism. PTSD sufferers would not be able to face the day if it weren’t for marijuana.

People’s conception of cannabis being a gateway drug may be caused by making the drug illegal. If they find a way to obtain this drug that could bring benefits medically, then they could bend laws to obtain other substances.

4. Better Productivity

if you sleep better at night, chances are you get up the next day feeling refreshed and become more productive.

Studies have shown that cannabis can boost productivity in ways that most people may not even though. Surprised?

I bet you are.

Aside from helping us sleep at night, the drug can also be used to treat depression as mentioned earlier.

People tend to be less anxious and will be more creative and forthcoming with ideas to be more productive and engaging.

Marijuana has the benefit of encouraging people to think bigger. I believe we posted an article that it can help raise consciousness.

And although there is a metaphysical aspect to it, we can’t discount the fact that the plant has benefits in raising people’s consciousness to be more calm, happy and creative.

If we sum those positive attributes and the benefits of the plant, we can say that cannabis has a BIG help to people in more ways than most people realize.
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