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Myster Stashtray Bundle Review: A Discreet, Magnetic Rolling Tray Bundle

Myster made waves with their crowdfunding campaign by designing a discreet vape pen, and proved that wasn’t all that was up their sleeves when they released the Stashtray Bundle.

Their somewhat novel approach seems to be optimizing and creating the tools by which cannabis use goes mainstream, and it’s easy to see why in this latest creation.

The Myster Stashtray Bundle sticks with the discreet use theme of their earlier product, showing up looking like a large, nondescript leather-bound book. This kit has everything you need for your rolling ritual.myster stashtray bundle reviewInside is a stainless steel magnetic rolling tray that holds a storage container, grinder, ashtray with a big pipe spike, and a lighter holder.

myster stashtray bundle

All of these are held in place with a fairly strong magnet, so the entire set can be easily closed up and put away while remaining organized.


myster stashtray bundle


  • Stainless Steel Rolling Tray
  • Myster Strain Container
  • 4 Part Myster Grinder
  • Innovative Ashtray with pipe cleaning spike
  • Magnetic Lighter Case (fits mini bic)
  • Hand Made StashBox

The magnetic grade stainless steel tray is made from two stamped sheets. The four-part aluminum grinder is top-quality.

The ashtray includes a pipe spike for cleaning a bowl after you’re finished. Flip over the top of the ashtray and it becomes a bowl stand for both 14mm and 18 mm.

Magnetic stickers allow you to attach your rolling papers. The StashBox allows you to pack up everything and place it on your shelf.

What’s impressive about this is not the materials or the layout, but the thought that went into the way people are likely to use it. It makes rolling effortless.

If you think about tools of a trade, like an artist’s palette or a drafting table, things are arranged and designed in a specific way to make the experience as efficient and effective as possible.

That’s what Myster has done here – thought through how people are going to use the product, and created a portable and extremely usable station for your cannabis.

We found that their theory held true because it is in fact very easy and fast to use.

If you’re a frequent partaker especially, but don’t want to leave all your gear out or find it tiresome to get it out and then pack it away frequently, you will find the Stashtray Bundle especially useful.

Flower is still very popular, and in fact, with the vape scare going on right now flower seems to be likely to endure as LA County is considering a moratorium on cannabis vape sales right now, and other legalized jurisdictions may follow suit.

More than ever, making the process of conventional smoking easier and more efficient seems salient and we feel that Myster has another hit product on their hands with the Stashtray Bundle. Get a Myster Stashtray Bundle here – GetMyster.com.

myster stashtray bundle review

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