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Dr. Dabber Review: The Artsy Aurora X AHOL Sniffs Glue

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@DrDabber combined their award-winning Aurora vaporizer pen technology with the famous graffiti artist, David Anasagasti, also known to his fans as AHOL Sniffs Glue to create a limited edition Aurora.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer is completely stacked with creative highlights such as a variable voltage battery, three propelled atomizers, and a Snap Tech magnetic technology.

The design is sleek and the pen is very easy to use. The quality used in making this pen is high and it makes for a durable vape pen.

Above all, the Aurora feels durable, looks smooth and performs extraordinary.

The design by AHOL has textile-like pattern of repeating eyeballs with droopy lids. It feels incredible in your hands and with the awesome design, it’s eye-catching. 

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Limited Edition Collaboration Kit, Dr. Dabber Aurora Artist Series, $109.95

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The new pen, the Dr. Dabber Aurora X AHOL Sniffs Glue, highlights fine art imprinted in Biscayne Blue/White or Heat Red/Black color schemes on the award-winning Aurora, a fully magnetic, low-heat, variable voltage vaporizer pen.

The kit includes AHOL honey mat, atomizers, hat/lapel pin, charging dock, dab tool and silicon storage container.

If you need some bad boy style, without the danger of getting busted, then you should truly get the limited edition Aurora AHOL Sniffs Glue Artist Series straightforwardly from Dr. Dabber.

Even the packaging is cool. It looks like a spray can. Open it from the bottom and all the contents of the Aurora kit is inside. 

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ahol sniffs glue

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    • 3 Heat Settings:

3 carefully calibrated heat settings designed to enhance flavor for various consistencies

    • Snaptech Magnetics:

magnetic connection means no more threading, just a quick click to connect.

    • Choose your Atomizer:

Not all oils & waxes are the same, so three unique atomizers are included to expand your range

  • Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish: Suitable for lower viscosity oils
  • Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish: Suitable for waxier oils
  • Ceramic Halo Heater with Quart Dish: Suitable for higher viscosity oils
    • Ceramic Mouthpiece:

Contoured ceramic mouthpiece designed for an ergonomic fit and optimal airflow

    • Ceramic Shotgun Mouthpiece:
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New shotgun style tip helps improve airflow and prevent clogging.

Using The Gadget

The Aurora isn’t only an attractive wax pen, yet additionally an exceptionally easy to understand vaping gadget.

It is a user-friendly vaping device.

It is the utilization of SnapTech magnetic technology that makes the Aurora such a splendid vaporizer.

To append the atomizer and mouthpiece with the battery, you never again need to experience the boring exercise of fastening and unfastening.

All you need to do simply unite the parts and whatever is left of the things are dealt with by the SnapTech magnetic technology. 

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Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaping Experience

With regards to vaping, the distinctive warming levels are illustrated by brilliant LED lights which make the life of the vaper considerably less demanding.

The heat settings can be flipped effortlessly by touching the power button three times. Regarding convenience, the Aurora is a star.

However, its capacity makes the Aurora a substantially more secure gadget as it avoids incidental booting of the vaporizer.

There are three different atomizers. All produce consistent vapors filled with flavor. Use the Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer if you want to vape cannabis evenly with little residual taste.

The Ceramic Halo Atomizer has no coils or wires and vaporizes wax evenly. The Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer works well for concentrates.

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The Battery

You can fine tune your vaping sessions because the Aurora comes with a variable voltage battery.

If you want longer sessions, just set the pen to the lowest setting. You can easily charge the pen with the magnetic USB charger.

This pen comes with a one-year warranty.

Overall Dr. Dabber has consistently innovated with functionality and design.

This limited edition vape pen is very good looking and sturdy. This is a must-have.

For more information and to buy online, go to

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