Thursday, February 25, 2021

Wreefs Interview: The Birth of the Artificial Marijuana Wreaths

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Wreefs Interview: The Birth of the Artificial Marijuana Wreaths, @wreefsdotcom


Ganjly interviews the awesome team behind Wreefs, the artificial marijuana wreaths.


Q) What is your background and how did you come up with the concept of Wreefs?

A) Our backgrounds are a somewhat odd mixture of architecture, IT and many years in the medical field with a few hobbies turned side-hustle-businesses over the past 20 years.

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The concept of Wreefs came to Mike one day while we were running errands. It was the holiday season and we had noticed quite a few cars with holiday wreaths attached to their grills. This sparked an idea and our project started. The Wreef brand wreath was born that snowy winter day almost two years ago. We realized the visual impact this wreath could have for cannabis awareness and decided to push forward with our idea to create a symbol to help reduce the stigma surrounding the kind herb. We designed the wreath to be hung on a daily basis and NOT just for holidays. Why? Because everyday is a reason to celebrate this magnificent plant!


Q) What is your relationship to cannabis?

A) Our relationship with cannabis developed in much the same way as most people with experimentation in high school and college. That phase passed and It wasn’t until many years later that we started hearing about the real medical benefits of the plant and doing more research ourselves. We’ve become great admirers again but for a different reason as adults. Having a pharmacist in the family, we started asking more questions about the benefits of THC in chemotherapy patients as well as other cannabis derivatives being used to help treat muscular disorders, neurological disorders, etc. We’ve become fascinated with the many qualities and components of the cannabis plant and how people can get benefit from the plant without the added psychoactive properties that so many are fearful of. This to us, was eye opening. How could a plant with so many helpful and healing properties have been misrepresented to the public for so many years?


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Q) What other products do you offer?

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A) Currently, Wreefs offers the 12 inch diameter Wreef™ brand artificial marijuana wreath and a complementary 5 pack of double sided decorative center hang tags to celebrate holidays, mindfulness and 420 events. More advocacy based hang tags are in the works.


Q) Share with us who have been hanging their Wreaths?

A) Since the Wreef™ brand wreath was introduced to the public, we’ve seen it hung in homes,  apartments & dorm rooms, used as centerpieces on dinner tables at “pot-luck” parties, on front doors, pool houses, travel trailers and small cannabis friendly businesses. We love it when customers share their wreath pictures with us! According to customers, the wreath really does help spark conversation. Some funny conversations, some serious conversations, but still a conversation about cannabis all the same and we like that feedback!

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Q) What is your hope for the cannabis industry?

A) Our hope for the cannabis industry is for the stigma and legalities to diminish to the point that it’s accepted by society and by the medical community. We envision a time when continuing education for physicians is provided so that they are equipped with up to date cannabis training & accurate data to finally provide natural and beneficial alternative medicine to their patients. Our hopes are that the two communities can work together peacefully and respectfully for the benefit of the patient. Both communities could learn a lot from each other. We realize this is a pie in the sky vision as the no small obstacle of big-pharma and government regs/taxes/money grabs could keep these elements apart (physicians & cannabis & acceptance of people growing their own medicine) however, what a grand vision it could be!

In addition, the recreational side of cannabis has brought a great deal of tourism and tax revenue into the states that are legal. This is not a bad thing! Many schools in Colorado have benefitted from this extra tax revenue. We hope more states will follow in Colorado’s footsteps and use their incoming tax revenues just as responsibly whether that path is for recreational and medical or medical only. It’s all good.  


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Q) Have you faced many challenges in the cannabis market?

A) Wreefs, LLC has faced just as many challenges as anyone else introducing a new product to market that no one has ever thought about or seen before. Bringing any new product to market is challenging let alone one that represents something that is still illegal in some states. Old stigmas die hard but we believe the tides are turning.  

Social media advertising has also been extremely challenging and is an obstacle we are continuing to work on like everyone else in an industry where the core element is still in legal-flux and struggling for societal acceptance.


Q) What is the most exciting thing about what you are doing?

A) The most exciting thing we are doing is getting people to talk about cannabis and hemp. Many of our customers have relayed stories where they had our wreath hanging in their home when a guest arrived and it sparked a conversation. In many instances it sparked serious conversations about cannabis and in other cases it simply acted as an icebreaker.What a simple solution to finding out who is “kind”!

Cannabis alone is exciting but legalizing use of the Hemp plant is just as exciting! Think about the impact a single use could have on the planet if the tide can be turned from using trees for pulp to hemp for pulp in the paper making industry. Sure, and again, hemp is the underdog with monstrous challenges against the likes of International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, etc. but even if and when these big guns are allowed to use hemp instead of trees, we’d all be better off for doing so. The uses are numerous and the global impact could be great.


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Q) Where can people find your products and how can they contact you for more information?

A) Our products can be found and purchased directly from us on our website at Wreefs Contact Us page has all of our pertinent contact information listed for our visitors. Our wreaths can be found in several local head shops and gift shops listed on our dealers page at We’re actively reaching out beyond Colorado to retailers in other states for the holiday season as well.  So, spread the word and give the gift of a Wreef™ brand wreath because everyday is a reason to celebrate!

Thanks Wreefs! We think your wreaths are awesome and we wish to see more Wreefs around our neighborhood soon.


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